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Turning Vision into Reality

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We face the challenges of the future by delivering unrivalled solutions in key areas of activity.

GKSD is a leading provider of project management and consultancy services with a strong market presence in Italy, the MENA and GCC regions. Our commitment to managing projects with responsibility is what makes us the most trusted consulting firm. Through our strong partnerships we are mission driven to strive for the best and build legacies for the future.


GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting offers healthcare management services for the future. Our focus is on providing management services and consultancies to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare. Our services cover state-of-the- art acute care, teaching hospitals, training and staffing support as well as access to an engineering and design platform. We are leaders in turnkey healthcare solutions in the private and public sector.

Angst Brodighera.

Engineering &

GKSD engineering, development and construction has in-house specialists for all engineering disciplines. Our projects are leading the change towards a more sustainable future and positive difference in the world of construction and engineering.


We go beyond simply meeting your needs. We bring together a multi-disciplinary team that gives clients direct access to experts who share knowledge and know-how to create long-term value. By optimising performance we can unlock new resources and bring a new perspective to business.


We face the challenges of the future through our commitment to provide excellence and innovation in every project.. At GKSD we believe in a forward-thinking approach that transcends traditional boundaries. Our professional services provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, identify and mitigate risks to ensure maximum security and compliance with regulations and standards.

Kamel Ghribi.

Kamel Ghribi

Sometimes you need to find the courage in business to take a giant step. The success of GKSD is the result of a courageous decision to unite a vision.

Marco Rotelli, Kamel Ghribi and Paolo Rotelli.

From concept to completion we provide the services to shape your future.

We look to the future, investing in global growth and innovation to create a better future for all. We harness the power of technology and innovation to create new opportunities that help businesses thrive.

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