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GKSD parking.

Car parks to meet environmental and urban challenges

The GKSD Group has established, GKSD parking to provide several innovative services to its loyal client base aiming to meet current urban challenges through the innovative management of car parking solutions.

Local green public policies, changes in local mobility patterns - such as ride-hailing and car sharing services - as well as innovation in the automotive industry that has resulted in the development of electric and autonomous cars have all created difficult challenges. We estimate that there are around 300 million public parking spaces in western Europe (EU-28), of which over 80 % are in public spaces (on-street). Parking charges are levied on around 11 million parking spaces (3.6 %). We expect to see significant growth in prices/parking charges across all European countries. The willingness of car users to pay for parking is increasing significantly – while the average duration of use is decreasing.

In order to anticipate and tap into this trend, the GKSD Group has established an Operating Company, GKSD parking, which provides several innovative services to its loyal client base that allows them to meet the current urban challenges through a responsible company policy.

As a full-service company, GKSD parking also offers:

  • Flexible payment arrangements optimally configured to users’ needs.

  • Cutting-edge technologies to help users navigate our car parks.

  • Services geared towards low-pollution and electric vehicles.

  • A warm welcome where real human interaction comes first.

  • Pricing tailored to the service level.