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At GKSD our purpose and passion is to provide comprehensive project consultancy and management solutions each step of the way.

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A distinctive business flair

GKSD offers expert insight and advice to clients at every stage of the project across a range of sectors from healthcare, engineering & construction, project monitoring and sustainable energy to fiscal, administrative and insurance consulting.

Top professional services are the drivers of innovation and growth and GKSD provides these across a myriad of projects. We accelerate growth by rising to the challenges that have an impact on our sectors of expertise.



GKSD President Kamel Ghribi is a guiding force who believes that the challenges we face today can be resolved through innovative business and investment solutions.

In today’s complex world of business, respect for cultural integration, heritage and diversity help to strengthen global integration. The collaborative, project-focused approach adopted by GKSD means that we have the connectivity to prevent geographical or geopolitical limits from interrupting client opportunities.

We believe that everything starts with the client

At GKSD we have an end-to-end approach to project engagement and offer expert insights and advice to clients from the planning stage through to execution and completion. By offering our expertise across all sectors we can assist the client in identifying their desired outcome and implement the best resources that will guarantee delivery. We believe that everything starts with the client GKSD is a leading provider of advisory services, project management, and consultancy services with a strong local market presence in Italy, the MENA and GCC regions. We have the assets, the knowledge and the unparalleled technical resources to offer strategic advice on the best solutions available and develop any given project from conception to completion.

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Key Figures

GKSD Group operates globally, managing a diverse portfolio of companies that generates added value for its stakeholders

2.3 Billion €

Yearly Revenues

1 Billion €

CapEx Plan ('20 / '25)




Projects in over 12 countries

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Kamel Ghribi

I have always considered myself as a son of Africa. While my heart lies in the Middle East my soul dwells in Africa. My ties to this great continent span over thirty-five years and throughout these years I have had the pleasure of working with many African governments and institutions over the course of my career.

Equally, I consider myself as an accidental son of Europe; in particular, I have a deep connection to Italy, a nation that can be considered in many ways as the gateway to Africa.


Our team provides operational excellence