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Driving Excellence through Patient-Centred Care

Healthcare Management Services for the Future

GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting is dedicated to offering comprehensive consultancy services in the field of health and healthcare management, operations, services designing, health analytics and health policies. We provide distinguished and specialised turnkey solutions for healthcare organisations and governments.

By leveraging on the advanced expertise of the San Donato Group, GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting provides access to a range of leading solutions including healthcare services, education, clinical and non-clinical support services and operations management. Our aim is to expand the San Donato Group services by sharing expertise, innovation, and management models with healthcare partners worldwide. Through strategic alliances, we strive to enhance healthcare quality in developed and emerging economies.


We are focused on empowering companies worldwide with transformative and tailor-made solutions that enhance patient care, foster innovation, and drive operational excellence, both in the public and private sector.

We are committed to providing excellent and personalised care. We aim to enhance care with dignity, compassion and respect, placing personal needs at the centre stage.

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The Largest Private Italian Hospital Group

Since its foundation in 1957, GSD has grown to become a Pan-European group and the largest healthcare provider in Italy treating 5.8 Million patients per year across 136 Hospitals - including 58 outpatient and smart clinic facilities.

Hospital group in Italy  
Million patients per year  

Our Values

  • Personalisation of care: We place the person at the centre stage, with a unique multidisciplinary approach and the design of integrated care pathways, fully coordinating the role of nurses and smart services  to ease patient and carer access.

  • Research:  In most of our hospitals – three of which are qualified as ‘National Institutes of Research’ - translational research is carried out to bring the most innovative clinical and technological opportunities directly to the patient.

  • Technology: Our facilities boast state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring patients receive increasingly precise and high-quality care.

  • Education and health workforce empowerment: We prioritise continuous investment in enhancing the skill sets and academic knowledge of our healthcare workforce through advanced training. We offer continuous professional development and tailored programmes that meet the evolving demands of healthcare treatment and the dynamic changes within the delivery system.

  • Innovation, effectiveness and smart operations management: We build customised and cost-effective operating systems that ensure smart and effective delivery of services. We manage and operate healthcare facilities with an integrated vision of clinical and non-clinical services, integrating IT and smart technologies for digitalisation that creates efficiency, quality and innovative solutions.

GKSD Healthcare Management Co.

GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting



Healthcare Consulting Services


Healthcare Facilities Designing and Start-up


Operations and Management


Leveraging Capabilities and Innovation


Alliances and Acquisitions

01. Healthcare Consulting Services

Our expert consultants provide assistance to healthcare industry leaders in their quest to find more agile working practices. By focusing on healthcare management services we deliver quality healthcare solutions. Our cost-effective, tailor-made proposals meet international quality standards in both the public and private sector.

By providing our clients with operating models and systems we support the acceleration of innovation and optimise digital capabilities for growth that improve care outcomes and the overall patient experience.

02. Healthcare Facilities Designing and Start-up

Leveraging on over 60 years of experience we provide turn-key solutions for new healthcare facilities and where possible, the restructuring and improvement of existing ones. Our platform of services ranges from feasibility and preliminary assessment analysis to roll-out and hand-over of new health facilities.

We have the operational agility to work in close collaboration with clients and local providers at an international level which ensures cost-effectiveness, accuracy and the timely execution of projects. Our partnership model also ensures the continuous sharing of know-how from concept to completion.

03. Operations and Management

GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting provides management and operation of healthcare facilities from A to Z, including clinical and non-clinical services and facility management.

With extensive experience as a private hospital provider in competitive markets, and a proven track record in public-partnership models, we are specialised in optimising operations to maximise efficiency and deliver exceptional outcomes. Our focus on operational excellence ensures that healthcare organisations can provide the highest quality of care while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

04. Leveraging Capabilities and Innovation

At the core of our approach lies the integration of training, knowledge transfer, and capabilities development that are designed to significantly enhance project execution within the healthcare sector. We have developed a unique educational model focused on the continuous professional education of health professionals through the combination of qualified skills and theoretical updates,

the use of cutting-edge technology, and hands-on training for the healthcare workforce, including healthcare administration and management. GKSD Healthcare works in close collaboration with Vita-Salute San Raffaele University to meet academic and scientific quality and scientific accreditation.

05. Alliances and Acquisitions

We have the expert skills to create alliances and acquisition strategies thanks to our solid experience and the exceptional growth that GKSD has garnered over decades.


Our Scientific Board has what it takes to lead in Healthcare

At GKSD Healthcare Management we aim to create positive change in the healthcare industry. Our Scientific Advisory Board members use their experience, expertise and unrelenting commitment to lead and face the new challenges and pressures in the world of healthcare. They have the knowledge and ability to transform healthcare through innovation and collaboration that will drive GKSD Investment Holding into the future.


Meet our Healthcare Consulting Experts

  • Stefano Luca Dedola.

    Stefano Luca

    • Executive Director & CFO GKSD Holding
    • CEO GKSD Healthcare M&C
    • CEO GSD Sistemi e Servizi
    • CEO GKSD advisory
    • President GKSD Engineering Development and Construction
  • Francesco Galli.


    • Vice-President GKSD Healthcare M&C
    • President GSD Strategy and Operation Committee
    • Member of the Supervisory Board of American Heart of Poland
  • Valerio

    • Country Manager Italy, GKSD Healthcare
  • Verdiana Morando.


    • General Manager GKSD Healthcare Consulting Saudi Arabia
    • Chief Operating Officer MENA region
  • Valerio Fabio Alberti.

    Valerio Fabio

    • CMO Gruppo San Donato
  • Pierre Appert.


    • Board member GSD Healthcare Middle East
  • Youssef Tammam.


    • Advisor to the Chairman MENA Region and East Europe GKSD Healthcare M&C
  • Nicola Ceccarelli.


    • CFO GKSD Healthcare M&C
    • CFO Gruppo San Donato
    • Member of the Supervisory Board of American Heart of Poland