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Partnering with clients to offer the best in construction

We are Leaders in the Development and Implementation of Major Healthcare, Commercial and Residential real estate projects.

GKSD edile is the construction arm of the GKSD Group. GKSD edile specialises in the construction and maintenance of hospitals, both for the San Donato hospital Group and for third-party projects. The company was created to optimise resource allocation and develop the unique skills needed to ensure that buildings fully meet the high standards required of a modern hospital in areas such as hygiene, health, and logistics.

We construct buildings that exceed clients’ expectations in full compliance with design specifications, regulations and construction schedules that will ensure safe working conditions in accordance with the best international market standards.

Excellence and savoir-faire to generate added value.

Drawing on the strength of Italy’s great building tradition, both in engineering and in the craftsmanship of construction and finishing we consistently give our best to execute projects from scratch. We are also trusted renovation and restoration specialists who can return historical buildings and sites to their former splendour and glory.

Galeazzi Sant'Ambrogio Hospital

GKSD edile is the operating company of GKSD Group developed to continue carrying out the important investments and maintenance works that Gruppo San Donato is regularly asked to execute in order to keep assets well-functioning, updated and in line with the most advanced technology.

A key Project of GKSD edile is the construction of the new Galeazzi Hospital, which is located in the area that used to host the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The new I.R.C.C.S  Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio Hospital, a state-of-the-art hospital on the outskirts of Milan covers an area of over 150’000  square-metres. The imposing sixteen-story structure towers 90m high and is one of the biggest hospitals in Europe.
The hospital, which is also accredited by the National Health Service of Italy, has an operational capacity of circa 600 beds, and a dedicated open space that will allow for future extension up to a maximum of circa 900 beds. 

In addition to serving the internal structural companies of the Group, GKSD edile brings its expertise to the market, particularly in the context of national and international projects, applying the high construction standards in force in Italy. This commitment contributes to strengthening and improving healthcare provision, offering quality services and enhancing the sector globally.


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  • Francesco Sorrentino.


    • Chairman GKSD Green Solutions
    • CEO GKSD esco
    • CEO GKSD monitor
    • COO GKSD Holding
    • CEO GKSD edile
  • Gavino Arrica.


    • Head Of Finance GKSD Holding
    • CEO GKSD advisory
    • Executive Director GKSD edile
    • Executive Director GKSD engineering, development and construction
    • Executive Director GKSD parking
    • Executive Director GKSD ProCure
    • Executive Director GKSD monitor
    • Member of the Board GKSD Green Solutions
  • Stefano Tugnoli.


    • Technical Director GKSD edile
  • Massimo Tivegna.


    • Member of the Board GKSD esco
    • Member of the Board GKSD edile
  • Saverio Beatrice.


    • Procurement Director GKSD edile
  • Alberto Agostini.


    • Head of Finance GKSD edile
  • Mauro Turrini.


    • Project Manager GKSD edile