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GKSD monitor.

We make sure the client keeps control of the project

Project Monitoring involves a series of activities established to protect the interests of the Client by identifying the risks in a development that are not under their direct control.

GKSD monitor was created to provide an independent evaluation of a given project throughout its progression, thus giving the Client a tool to manage all risks encountered, while simultaneously protecting their interests in an objective and impartial manner.

GKSD monitor is a company that carries out monitoring activities, budget control, consultancy, administrative assistance, accounting and technical-legal support during each phase of the project from creation through to the execution of civil and industrial projects in the private and public sphere.

Company Profile

GKSD monitor coordinates the activities of complex multidisciplinary projects throughout their life-cycle:

  • Simplification of communication through speeding up the design process.

  • Fostering efficient relationships among stakeholders to improve productivity.

  • Identification of ‘best practices’ for the correct management of projects.

  • Boost the success rate of the project.

  • Structured analysis prevents any critical issues from arising.

  • Identify instruments that can improve timing and cost-effectiveness of projects.

What we Do

Check the status of a project against initial estimates.

Budget Control and Analysis of Economic Differences

Verification of the final balance sheet data compared as compared to the budget estimate in phase; assessment and analysis of the potential causes in order to adopt appropriate corrective actions.

Cost validation: SAL Certification

Verification of compliance of the invoices issued by the Contractor with the certificates of payment, calculation of the amount payable to service providers pursuant to the related credit agreements and preparation of the payment summary.

Physical and Economic Analysis

Analysis of physical progress is achieved by tying it with the economic movements during the all phases of the project and results in an accurate projection of the total amount due upon completion of the order.


Verification of work planning for each phase of the project with constant monitoring that permits the identification of critical issues and the proposal of action plans that allow the project to return to the its baseline.

Administrative Support

Verification of all necessary permits for the execution of the works; analysis of the cadastral, urban, environmental, building and authorisation framework.

General accounting

Management of the cost control system in order to guarantee the correct allocation and compliance with contracts or agreements signed by the company. Cash flow management of the project that permit the authorisation of payments and treasury operations carried out within the project.


Verification of procurement contracts, verification and evaluation of the Contractor's organisational structure; book-keeping required for accounting purposes, assistance for all civil, regulatory and administrative duties. Monitoring and control of the conformity of the project with respect to the contractual obligations of the suppliers involved towards the end client.


Get in touch with our Professionals for Further Information.

  • Francesco Sorrentino.


    • Chairman GKSD Green Solutions
    • CEO GKSD esco
    • CEO GKSD monitor
    • COO GKSD Holding
    • CEO GKSD edile
  • Gavino Arrica.


    • Head Of Finance GKSD Holding
    • CEO GKSD advisory
    • Executive Director GKSD edile
    • Executive Director GKSD engineering, development and construction
    • Executive Director GKSD parking
    • Executive Director GKSD ProCure
    • Executive Director GKSD monitor
    • Member of the Board GKSD Green Solutions
  • Giulliana Falcone.


    • Project Controller GKSD monitor
  • Emanuele Pellissone.


    • Senior Associate GKSD Holding
    • Project Controller GKSD monitor