We are a Global Investment Company

Healthcare, Education, R&D, Construction & Engineering and Project Monitoring

We operate on a “trait d’union” basis within the healthcare sector

what we do

We face the challenges of the future by delivering unrivalled solutions in key areas of activity.

Key Figures

GKSD Group operates globally managing a diverse portfolio of value generating companies.

2 Billion €

Yearly Revenues

1.5 Billion €

CapEx Plan ('20 / '25)




Projects in over 12 countries

From concept to completion we provide the services to shape your future.

Counting on a workforce of more than 23’000 employees, GKSD draws upon the backgrounds and skills of its employees who represent the most valuable asset of the Group, allowing GKSD to deliver top quality solutions and top class professional services.

GKSD Investment Holding

GKSD is a leading provider of advisory services, project management, and consultancy services with a strong local market presence in Italy, the MENA and GCC regions. GKSD has the assets, the knowledge and the unparalleled technical resources to offer strategic advice on the best solutions available and develop any given project from conception to completion.

Gruppo San Donato

Founded in 1957, Gruppo San Donato has revolutionised the world of healthcare by placing patient centred healthcare and treatment at the heart of its vision. With 56 medical facilities, it is currently the largest Italian private hospital group and a symbol of healthcare excellence in both clinical activity and in scientific research.


Clinic Model

Smart Clinics are advanced outpatient centres, that promote an innovative approach to the individual health experience. They focus on wellness, healthy living and health maintenance for chronic conditions. The health centre offers a unique care experience with technology-powered, seamless and personalised wellness pathways based on needs. Smart clinics bring the care excellence of GSD into the everyday experience of care, with full integration between home, virtual access to professionals and facility-based high-end treatments, procedures, therapies, rehabilitation and personalised care plans. Our vision aims to transform health and care through personalised and technology-powered models that make healthcare a smart experience where people work, live, click and surf.

main projects

GKSD works independently and through partnerships in the planning, development and management of projects across the construction, acquisitions, medical R&D and Advisory sector.