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Smart Clinics

Smart Clinic Model

The SMART CLINIC PROJECT aims at exporting the successful model of the GSD Smart Clinics to promote wellness.

The development of this new healthcare model focuses on: primary care and prevention, specialised OPD care, day surgery, radiology and laboratory services.

SMART CLINICS create a care model focused on a healthy lifestyle integrating health and wellness into traditional care within all hospital settings.

Why use a SMART model ?

  • Smart Clinics can be adapted and customised to suit local health needs, based on a country‚Äôs health profile and healthcare system as well as catchment area needs.

  • Smart Clinics adopt high-tech and state-of-the-art technology and procedures that digitally enabled care.

  • Smart Clinics are built to enhance the quality of care and experience without the need to duplicate as they are embedded in care pathways (integration with hospital network)

  • Smart Clinics have a cost effective design, are easy to build and have quick operations start-up.

The building requires a land area of at least 5,000 m2 and is characterised by a covered area, with a rectangular plan, of approximately 1000 m2.

The standard configuration includes two levels, in which there are the following functions: on the ground floor there is a reception, a diagnostic area (CT SCAN, X-RAY, MRI, etc), a dental clinic and the phlebotomy rooms, while on the first floor there are outpatient clinics and day surgery.

There is also the possibility of adding a third level (optional) in which there are two operating theatres and 12 inpatient rooms.

The building is designed and constructed with particular attention to energy aspects: for example, the roof is completely covered with solar panels to minimise the building's energy consumption regardless of the configuration (whether two or three levels).

Furthermore, in countries with particularly hot climates, the building is protected by a shield which, in addition to creating an ornamental architectural element (mashrabiya), helps to reduce solar radiation by ensuring passive cooling.