Clinic Model




Sep 2022

Smart Clinic Model

Smart Clinics are advanced outpatient centres, that promote an innovative approach to the individual health experience. They focus on wellness, healthy living and health maintenance for chronic conditions.

The health centre offers a unique care experience with technology-powered, seamless and personalised wellness pathways based on needs.
Smart clinics bring the care excellence of GSD into the everyday experience of care, with full integration between home, virtual access to professionals and facility-based high-end treatments, procedures, therapies, rehabilitation and personalised care plans. Our vision aims to transform health and care through personalised and technology-powered models that make healthcare a smart experience where people work, live, click and surf.
A smart 360° health experience that virtually-enables access, health coaching and home care services.
The objective is to engage the individual in a new care experience that improves health and wellness for all ages and is based on personalised need.
Top-notch technologies for innovative treatments in sport, orthopaedic, rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine.
A unique Team of highly qualified professionals working in a multidisciplinary team.