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Kenya International Mental Wellness Hospital

Kenya International Mental Wellness Hospital Design

In cooperation with the Government of Kenya, GKSD developed a project to construct, operate and manage a national neuropsychiatric teaching and referral hospital. The new hospital was planned in response to a push towards reaching the objectives of the national mental health strategy and most importantly, will represent a step towards improving Kenyans’ health and wellbeing for the current and future generations.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Kenyan government aimed at enhancing health services in the country. The collaboration agreement sought to provide an improved local health sector that can guarantee quality services to all Kenyans and propel the country into a regional centre of choice for different diagnostics and advanced treatment.

The new hospital

On the 14th of June 2022 the cornerstone was placed at the groundbreaking ceremony marking the beginning of construction site mobilisation for the Kenya International Mental Wellness Hospital.
Situated near Nairobi, the structure comprises the hospital complex, a sports medical centre, a university, a residential area and a hospitality area. The new centre of excellence will become the cornerstone of the national mental health reforms, that aim to decentralise the delivery of care and improve access to services in addition to lowering the cost of mental health treatment and psychiatric services.
The hospital will be constructed on a 200-acre piece of land in Karen, and will be similar to the San Raffaele Research Hospital, located in Milan, Italy. The San Raffaele hospital is a highly specialised, multidisciplinary medical centre and is one of the biggest in Europe.
Once complete, the Kenya International Mental Wellness Hospital, will become a national education and training hub for mental health, providing specialised post-graduate and professional training for multiple professional specialisations and disciplines in mental health.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony

June 14, 2022

A day of great pride as President Kenyatta’s vision for a state of the art hospital complex becomes a reality in partnership and support of the Italian Government, Italy’s leading GKSD Investment Holding Group and Gruppo San Donato. President Kenyatta thanked Minister Luigi Di Maio, Chairman Kamel Ghribi of GKSD Investment holding and Mr. Paolo Rotelli , Vice President GKSD and Gruppo San Donato. GKSD and GSD will support the project by contributing to the engineering and design works, helping with technical and medical training expertise etc to ensure that the developed infrastructure is able to deliver high standards of medical care. Mr. Ghribi said “It makes me very proud to see an Italian company in Africa not simply for profit but to help improve lives, share medical expertise and export technical expertise that will benefit Kenya and the wider region”. Mr. Ghribi further said, “African development must be supported through a partnership model”.