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Healthcare Management Services for the Future

GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting is focused on providing healthcare management services and support in the planning, management and consulting activities associated with the delivery of quality healthcare. We deliver cost-effective, tailormade solutions that meet international quality standards in both public and private sector environments.

GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting provides access to a number of leading healthcare solutions including the sophisticated expertise of the San Donato Group’s core activities in healthcare services, education and hospital support services. GKSD Healthcare Management Co aims to boost the internationalisation of the GSD services, transferring care values, expertise, innovation, and management and operating models in other healthcare systems and to our partners.

The group also develops partnerships and strategic alliances to strengthen the quality of the healthcare services it offers in developed and emerging economies. Given the extensive offering of the GSD platform with specialised state of the art offering in acute care, teaching hospitals, training and staffing support, and access to an engineering and design platform, the Group’s mission is to be a leader in providing turnkey healthcare solutions to its private and public sector clients.


Leveraging on the consolidated experience of GSD and our in-depth understanding of quality healthcare provision, GKSD Healthcare Management Consulting designs and executes turnkey solutions for its clients and parters.

Given the extensive offering of the GSD platform with specialised state-of-the-art offering in acute care, teaching hospitals, training, staff support and access to an engineering and design platforms; the Group’s mission is to be a leader in providing turnkey healthcare solutions to its private and public sector clients.

We are committed to providing excellent and personalised care. We aim to enhance care with dignity, compassion and respect, placing personal needs at the centre stage.

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The Largest Private Italian Hospital Group

Since its foundation in 1957 GSD has grown to become a Pan-european group and Italy’s largest healthcare Provider treating 5.4 Million patients per year across 136 hospital with 58 in Italy, outpatient and smart clinic facilities.

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Million patients per year

Our Values

  • Personalisation of care: We place the person at the centre stage, with a unique multidisciplinary approach and the design of integrated care pathways, fully coordinating the role of nurses and smart services in order to ease patient and carer access
  • Research: We have three hospitals that are qualified as ‘National Institutes of Research’. In most of our hospitals translational research is carried out in order to bring the most innovative clinical and technological opportunities directly to the patient.
  • Technology: Our facilities are equipped with the most innovative technologies capable of offering the patient increasingly accurate and high-quality care. New technologies are piloted within national and international research programmes.
  • Education and health workforce empowerment: We continuously invest in developing the skill-set and academic knowledge of our healthcare workforce through the university training . We also provide continuous professional skill-set updates to our care providers that consider healthcare treatment demands and the dynamic changes that continuously evolve within the delivery system.
  • Innovation, effectiveness and smart operations management: We build customised and cost-effective operating systems that ensure smart and effective delivery of services to the patient. We manage and operate health facilities with an integrated vision of clinical and non-clinical services, integrating IT and smart technologies for digitalisation that create efficiency, quality and innovative solutions.

GKSD Healthcare Management.
Our Services

01. Healthcare Consulting Services

We provide expert consultants that aid healthcare industry leaders in their quest to find more agile working practices and focus on healthcare management services that deliver quality healthcare solutions. 
Our cost-effective, tailor-made proposals meet international quality standards in both the public and private sector. By providing our clients with operating models and systems we help them to accelerate innovation and optimise digital capabilities for growth.

Our Services

  • Health Policy Design and Strategy Consulting
  • Health Policy Implementation
  • Health and Healthcare Demand Modelling & Projections
  • Capacity Planning

  • Models of Care & Service Delivery
  • Business Case Development
  • Healthcare Operations Planning, Optimisation and Execution
  • Healthcare Workforce Assessments

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Compliance & Due Diligence Reviews
  • Planning Systems & Tools for Health Analytics and Population Health Assessment

02. Healthcare Facilities Designing and Start-up

Leveraging on over 60 years of experience we provide turn-key solutions for new healthcare facilities and where possible, the restructuring and improvement of existing ones. Our platform of services ranges from feasibility and preliminary assessment analysis to roll-out and hand-over of new health facilities. 
We have the operational agility to work in close collaboration with clients and local providers at an international level which ensures cost-effectiveness, accuracy and the timely execution of projects. Our partnership model also permits the constant process of sharing know-how from concept to completion.

Our Services

Feasibility Studies

01 Population Demographics Assessment

02 Epidemiology and Disease Profiling

03 Evaluation of Current Services Demand Supply in the Catchment Area

04 Opportunity Analysis

Clinical Services Plan

01 Clinical scope of service planning

02 Clinical functional space program

03 Review of floor plans, stacking program, and summary space program

04 Define stacking of services

Facility Design

01 Clinical expert input combined with the development of the facility

02 Quantify the number and distribution of the summary space

03 Design new health facility with innovative and efficient energetic solutions

04 Ensure compliance with regulations, and meeting standards required to support accreditation


01 Clinical oversight

02 Medical equipment and procurement oversight

03 Consumable planning oversight

04 Consultancy and advise

05 IM&T consultancy

Manpower Planning, Recruitment & Training

01 Develop HR plan aligned with international and national accreditation

02 Develop Staff phasing plan

03 Develop training and education plan

04 Delivery and know-how transfer for clinical operations start-up

Services and Equipment Commissioning

01 Services and Equipment planning

02 Development of policies and procedures

03 Development of disaster preparedness plan and mock code scenario

04 Clinical and non-clinical services commissioning

05 Advanced HIS and ICT solution for smart and digitally integrated facility

06 Oversight of HR recruitment

07 Staff training clinical and non clinical activities

Management & Operations

01 Management of the facility

02 Operating new services, by providing clinical and non-services

03 Medical Equipment, preventive maintenance and management

04 Preparing for accreditation

05 Implement marketing and PR plan

06 Monitor overall performance against agreed KPI's

03. Operation and Management

With extensive experience as a private hospital provider in competitive markets, we have optimised the necessary organisational competency that allows the economy of scale and ensures high quality and patient-centred care.

With consolidated experience in public-partnership models we help clients to provide high-quality, cost-effective care that enhances patient recovery through less invasive medical techniques.

Health Facility Management & Operational Assistance

  • Implementation of measurable annual performance expectations
  • Delegation of responsibility and Stakeholder accountability in annual performance appraisal
  • Complete health facility management (daily operations, inpatient and outbpatient care)
  • Human resource management
  • Financial sustainability solutions that deliver cost-effective and quality healthcare
  • Knowledge transfer provider (highy specialised acute care)
  • Clinical and non-clinical services operations
  • Medical equipment maintenance and management

04. Leveraging Capabilities and Innovation

GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting follows a unique educational model focused on the continuous professional education of health professionals, the acquisition of specialised skills and the provision of high-quality, patient-centred care. 

By providing qualified professionals with theoretical updates, cutting edge technology and hands-on training sessions, knowledge is increased and skills are integrated in a way that builds up the capacity and ability of our partners and clients.

Our Services

  • Tailor-made training programmes for the healthcare workforce
  • Advanced curricula design and accreditation
  • Clinical fellowship & immersion training
  • Joint research programmes (pre-clinical and translational)
  • Professional certifications and credentialing

  • Healthcare leadership centre
  • Customised learning management system and blended learning
  • Simulation and virtual reality training
  • Consultations for the design and development of training centres and facilities
  • Training competencies and needs assessments

Advisory board

Our Scientific Board has what it takes to lead in Healthcare

At GKSD Healthcare Management we aim to create positive change in the healthcare industry. Our Scientific Advisory Board members use their experience, expertise and unrelenting commitment to  lead and face the new challenges and pressures in the world of healthcare. They have the knowledge and ability to transform healthcare through innovation and collaboration that will drive GKSD Holding into the future.

Advisory board


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