Digital innovation in the healthcare supply chain

We support healthcare companies in the design and implementation of an integrated and digitised supply chain. We cover every activity from the analysis of consumption models, purchasing strategies and demand planning to the simplification of the user experience for operators and the punctual delivery of products.

We improve the supplier and patient customer experience through a digital, scalable and data-driven supply chain capable of achieving operational excellence in the procurement and logistics process.   

GKSD ProCure has the know-how, experience and organizational competency that allows its highly experienced professional staff to provide the following services:

  • Fair Pricing

We establish pricing that sees savings redistributed between the supplier and the buyer.

  • Access to Resources

We enable access to the same level of innovation.

  • Tailor-made Solutions

We deliver solutions to meet all levels of medical complexity focusing on customer experience.

  • Procurement Efficiency

We forecast and aggregate the correct quantities of goods and services to be purchased.

  • Integrated Warehouse

We provide an integrated and comprehensive logistics system.

  • Comprehensive Offer

We offer a complete range of goods and services for hospital needs. Timing Optimisation We leverage digital technologies to optimise purchasing, reordering and delivery times.


  • Commitment and dedication

We place healthcare facilities needs at the centre of our work. Our all-encompassing and unambiguous approach rationalises resources and supports the commitment of individual operators.

  • Continuous Research

We select the most important international procurement solutions and best practices to integrate, improve and refine our model on the needs of healthcare facilities.

  • Innovation
    Our approach is aimed at digitising processes thanks to the use of innovative technological tools such as AI, IoT, smart devices and blockchain, to create efficient, high quality and smart solutions.


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