Exceptional consultancies to boost growth

Our wider objective at GKSD as an international business consulting organisation is encapsulated in one simple phrase: unleashing the potential of people and companies who improve the globe.

To reach this scope GKSD advisory is the operating company, part of GKSD Group, established to provide outstanding consultancy services in all the fields in which GKSD operates. Our specialists contribute extensive industry and functional knowledge, as well as a variety of viewpoints that challenge the status quo and stimulate change.

We collaborate in a unique way throughout the company and at all levels of the client organisation, all with the purpose of assisting our clients in thriving and making the world a better place.

Working with GKSD advisory means accessing a vast network of transversal skills and extraordinary professionalism, always having a clear goal: to provide the best possible result to the customer and improve their operational efficiency.

A non-exhaustive list of services provided by the company include:

  • Advisory and consultancies at the broadest level
  • Advisory in the field of institutional relations and access to the public entities on the territory
  • Monitoring and effective realization of the project
  • Check and verification that a certain activity Is fully compliant with the local legal framework


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