Tax and fiscal services delivered by one of the most important law firms in Italy

GKSD is constantly evolving in order to respond to the demands for more personalised and custom-made solutions in the services offered in its business activities. Our aim is to maximise opportunities strengthen services through our senior advisors who offer personalised solutions and consultations to clients.

GKSD has engaged with Studio Falsitta, the prestigious Milan based law firm whose name has been synonymous with 'tax law' since the first half of the 1900s to create GKSD vef - a collaboration aimed at providing expert legal assistance, in particular, within the field tax and fiscal consultancies.

For almost a century, the Falsitta family has been a forceful presence in the tax sector covering myriad roles such as financial administration, university lecturing, research, politics and legal consultancy.

The firm has established high quality and transparent collaborative relationships with the Italian state institutions and entities responsible for dealing with taxation. All relationships are based, without exception, on compliance with the rules.

Vittorio Emanuele Falsitta – who was the former speaker at the Chamber of Deputies of the State Tax Reform – is the founder of the homonymous firm VEF in Milan where, together with a team of expert professionals that include lawyers and chartered accountants, the family tradition continues.

The GKSD vef collaboration offers unparalleled advice to clients in the fields of tax law, tax and customs procedural law, criminal tax law, economic criminal law and the complex area of a​ greements and conformity regulations set out by the tax authorities.

GKSD vef is the operating company of the GKSD Group providing advisory services in the fiscal and administrative field to GSD and other large corporations.

GKSD vef’s professionals pride themselves on having a profound and expert knowledge and are amongst the best professionals in their respective fields of expertise.


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