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GKSD Hospital facilities

IRCCS San Donato Research Hospital Polyclinic (PSD)

The San Donato Research Hospital Polyclinic is a general hospital that offers the full gamut of clinical specialisations. The hospital is one of the most renowned medical structures in Italy for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and was named as the top hospital for the number of cardiac surgeries performed per annum (over 1,500). More than 100 professionals are dedicated to the scientific research.

Every year, the San Donato Research Hospital Polyclinic assists over 1,000 pediatric patients, from the first days of life through to adulthood. PSD is one of the most specialised centre in Europe in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease, with the most advanced techniques in cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology.


IRCCS San Raffaele Research Hospital (HSR)

The medical and scientific excellence of the San Raffaele Research Hospital stems from the distinctive three-pronged approach adopted by the institute; that is to say, research, clinical and academic training interact with each other on a daily basis. From surgical robots to precision imaging and radiotherapy tools the San Raffaele Research Hospital offers cutting-edge technology that permit an early diagnosis, personalised treatment and preventative medicine. San Raffaele Research Hospital has the skill set to treat disease in all of its facets thanks to the presence of myriad specialists who combine their skills and deploy them at the service of the patient.


IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute (IOG)

The Galeazzi hospital is ranked top in Italy and carries out c, 4000 hip and knee prosthestic surgeries per annum. It is also top of its category for treating hip fractures within 48 hours of admission. The Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute is the reference centre research and treatment of locomotor system disease.

A leader in Italy for vertebral surgery, the Institute boasts 1,400 complex surgery operations per annum for congenital, degenerative and oncological pathologies of the spine and for vertebral surgery for deformities. The centre is committed to the management of trauma and sports injuries through the use of regenerative medicine which, thanks to the use of cutting-edge methods and therapies, stimulates regeneration by promoting the restoration of the physiological conditions of the tissues affected by pathologies, traumas and aging.


‘Palazzo della Salute’ - Wellness Clinic

The GSD ‘Palazzo della Salute’ is a reference point for aesthetic dermatology and wellbeing situated in the heart of Milan. The structure is equipped with an area dedicated to nutrition and a state-of-the-art sport lab designed to improve sport performance and general well-being. The Clinic was born from the desire to follow an innovative and multidisciplinary path in the field of medicine, wellness and leisure that aims to restore physical wellbeing by drawing attention to the importance of self-awareness in matters of health and wellbeing.


Smart Dental Clinic

GSD runs the only network of dental hospitals and university clinics in Italy. The smart dental clinic is one of the most important networks of dental centres in Lombardy. Approximately 370 professionals work in its 15 dental operating units in the provinces of Milan, Monza-Brianza, Bergamo, Como and Pavia.

Our Hospitals

With 56 different locations around Italy, GSD's network consists of: 3 research hospitals, 16 general hospitals and 37 clinics.

Our facilities have a capacity of more than 5000 beds and treat more than 5.4 million patients each year. Our profile and our brand are the symbol of Italian Healthcare excellence.


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