Iceberg San Raffaele Research Hospital




Apr 2017


Oct 2021


Iceberg San Raffaele Research Hospital

The new ‘Iceberg’ emergency room wing is the latest hi-tech addition to GSD’s San Raffaele University Hospital in Milan. Covering an area of 36 thousand mq the state-of-the-art structure contains a highly specialised accident and emergency centre that will also become the new teaching hospital of the San Raffaele Vita-Salute University.

The hospital is now equipped to cope with a flow of over 70,000 patients per annum in need of emergency treatment and surgery. With over 60 clinical specialisations offering 1,300 beds to patients the San Raffaele University Hospital is one of the most important hospital structures in Italy.

The rationale behind

The rationale behind this new addition to the hospital is to create a specialist surgical pole that is able to provide expert treatment and care to accident and emergency patients. The building represents a tangible change in the management of emergency care as it puts technology and resources at the service of the patient - mirroring the GSD “patient-centred care” philosophy. This technological infrastructure will allow for a more ‘humane’ experience through the effective and efficient exchange of information between doctor and patient. By allowing teams of surgeons and specialists to reach patients within a single structure, this means that it is no longer the patient who is moved between wards thus making the treatment and recovery process more comfortable.

Furthermore, the clinical path of the patients will be highly technological and use applications that will allow family members and medical teams to monitor information on mobile phones such as visits, times and directions for hospitalisation. Family members will be given a code, thanks to which they can understand in real time where the patient is in the hospital structure, when they enter into surgery or whether a surgical operation is in progress and even the moment the patient comes round from anaesthesia.

The new Iceberg building stands next to the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University within the perimeter of the hospital complex and the project was designed by architect Mario Cucinella as part of the reorganisation of the hospital to include homogeneous areas of care in a way that will optimise and capitalise on resources. In addition, the hospital has a very low energy and environmental impact due to the materials chosen for its construction.

Iceberg San Raffaele Research Hospital

The Iceberg, with its 284 hospital beds and 18 Operating Rooms, is the New Surgical and Emergency Pole of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital (HSR) in Milan.

The Pole is part of the reorganization of HSR for homogeneous areas of care intensity: a path aimed at optimizing and capitalizing resources, resulting in an improved patient experience.