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New University Campus for the American University in the Emirates

New University Campus design for the American University in the Emirates

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of repeated effort, great skill and profound knowledge. GKSD Engineering, part of GKSD Investment Holding Group, prides itself in its mastery of ambitious and innovative architectural design. We are proud to launch our latest quality project that will see the creation of a new state-of-the-art learning facility for the American University. The learning hub is a new precedent in University architecture and engineering and will be built in the Dubai International Academic City.
The Architectural project for the new campus is inspired by nature and has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the natural contours of the Emirates, unveiling rich cultural histories that shape diverse new interactions and mix traditional urban layouts with green areas. The arrangement of the buildings will be conditioned by green areas and the University will not be isolated from the larger community. The project focusses on connecting the campus through a roof-top garden and a network of walkways that span the buildings and together with a series of small oases, will combine to create opportunities for University life to expand and meld with its surroundings.

The design

Designed from concept to completion by GKSD Engineering, the American University Campus project incorporates a range of collaborative spaces with overlapping boundaries between learning, research, leisure and shared discovery.
The landmark project is a sustainable, resilient and ecologically advanced feat of engineering. Solar panels on the roof create a microclimate that can be maintained in the internal courtyards, while the hardscape and softscape materials that make up the pathway and vegetation will help to reduce heat island effects, create thermal comfort, reduce the temperature and provide shaded areas and water features. The bespoke solution has been especially designed for the American University and demonstrates the UAE’s commitment to innovation and the high esteem held for Italian architectural and engineering excellence. At GKSD Engineering we understand the power of knowledge and are honoured to export and share Italian expertise, know-how, unparalleled engineering skills and architectural innovation.
A high level of specialisation, talent and creative flexibility are the keys to success that allow GKSD engineering to stand out and excel across individual projects, both in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Sustainability and Resilience

The goal of the landscape design is to improve the environmental quality of the Dune complex and enrich the experience of the outdoor areas for inhabitants and visitors. To reach the goals of the design the landscape has to be sustainable and resilient. A sustainable and resilient landscape project in New Cairo implies acknowledging its environment and to deal with a harsh climate that characterizes the region. The climatic condition requires a landscape design that, in order to be sustainable and efficient, has to take into great consideration the materials that will compose both hardscape and softscape. A sustainable and resilient landscape is a space capable to adapt itself to climate and cultural changes. It is a landscape that is based on solid roots but looks towards the future. A place creating a balance between environment and culture, where social and ecological dimensions are interlinked. It is a combination of nature and innovations and it has to consider several levels of intervention to be able to answer different kinds of needs and comfort for people.