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Iraq TBI Basra

TBI Bank Building in Basra

The project of the TBI Tower for the Trade Bank of Iraq in Basra is conceived as a focal point for the renewal and development of a city area.

The design is innovative, yet still respects traditional design and tradition which allow the building stands out in terms of its elegance and sophistication. The fa├žade is clad in an iridescent gold tone that resembles the "mashrabiya," a typical architectural element of Middle Eastern culture.

The openings of the mashrabiya allow for the passage of air, promoting natural ventilation which is particularly crucial in hot climates like those of the Middle East, where fresh air is essential for habitable comfort. In addition to filtering light, it provides protection from the heat of direct sunlight, keeping the interiors cooler during hot summer days and enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the buildings.

The building is an imposing modern structure that blends functionality and aesthetics. Covering an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, it rises elegantly, offering a comfortable environment for bank clients and employees.

The building spans 5 levels for a total of 4,500 square meters.

The exterior area is characterised by green spaces and through effective lighting, the parking contributes to creating an environment full of charm, reflecting the bank's commitment to the city and surrounding areas.

The TBI Bank Building is not just a financial centre but above all a catalyst for urban regeneration in the city.

Its presence and iconic architecture serve as an incentive to promote further developments and investments in the surrounding area, contributing to transforming Basra into a hub of growth and prosperity.