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Iraq TBI Baghdad

A Blend of Modernity and Tradition

The TBI Tower project for the Trade Bank of Iraq in Baghdad aims to be an icon of innovation and progress that both respects and celebrates the rich traditions of Iraqi architecture.

The tower combines futuristic architectural elements with motifs inspired by local culture and architecture, notably using pointed arches, a symbol of elegance and sophistication in Islamic art and architecture.The TBI Tower rises imposingly in the heart of Baghdad, with a silhouette that combines clean lines and bold shapes. Its structure is characterised by a series of pointed arches that overlap harmoniously along the fa├žade, creating a dynamic and distinctive visual effect.

The tower is conceived as a symbol of stability and prosperity, with a solid and imposing base that tapers slightly upwards, creating a sense of stability and security. The facades are clad in modern and sustainable materials, deflecting sunlight during the day and glowing with their own light at night, giving the structure a magnetic presence both day and night.

Architectural Design

The interiors of the TBI Tower are designed to provide a comfortable and functional environment for bank employees and clients. The spaces are bright and airy, with large windows offering panoramic views of the city of Baghdad. Common areas are furnished with elements that personalise the bank's operations, ensuring a contemporary atmosphere at all times.

Sustainability is at the core of the TBI Tower's design, incorporating technologies and ecological practices to reduce the environmental impact of the structure: from eco-friendly building materials to efficient energy and water management, the tower strives to be an example of environmental responsibility in the urban context of "future" Baghdad.

With its modern architectural grandeur and commitment to sustainability, the tower stands as a landmark in Baghdad's skyline and a symbol of confidence in the future of Iraq.