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International Cooperation:


Mozambique has a population of around 23,000,000 inhabitants and according to 2012 statistics, the infant mortality rate is around 77%. A collaboration project in the field of congenital heart disease was setup in Mozambique and is a multilateral project that sees Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo and the IRCCS Polyclinic San Donato Research Hospital collaborating with the Instituto Nacional do Coração in Maputo and Chaine de l'Espoir.

Training and Workshop Programme

The project included a training programme for local medical professionals and resulted in the improvement of patient management through the implementation of European clinical protocols.

The program involves the consolidation of the following activities:

  • 2/3 surgical missions per year

  • Meetings and workshops for on-site scientific exchange

  • Training program in collaboration with the Cardiac Center in Shisong - Cameroon

  • On-site training program for performing complex operations during surgical missions

  • Transfer of urgent and complex patients to the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato Research Hospital