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Since its foundation in 1957 GSD has evolved until finding itself today in the enviable position of being the top private healthcare provider in Italy. The Group currently has 56 clinics and hospitals providing over 5,500 beds. With 21,000 employees including 8,000 doctors, 10,000 nurses and 3,000 administrative staffGSD offers clinical excellence to 5.4m patients per year and owns the vast majority of its real estate portfolio.

The Group has three University hospitals (IRCCS Research Centres) including the Flagship San Raffaele Research Hospital that houses the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, one of the most authoritative and progressive medical schools in the world. San Raffaele Research Hospital is the principal centre for medical research in Italy – indeed, in 2018 together with its sister GSD institutes 1,446 scientific publications were released with a total impact factor of 8.545. GSD also runs the Policlinico San Donato Research Hospital, which hosts the medical school Università degli Studi di Milano. San Raffaele Research Hospital is the first private research hospital in Italy per number and quality of its scientific output.

GSD covers all specialties, reaching points of excellence in cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, metabolic diseases, bariatric surgery, oncology and reproductive medicine. The unique ‘hybrid’ health model developed in the Lombardy Region allows public healthcare patients access to the treatment offered by the private system. The Group prides itself in an exceptionally high level of clinical excellence and quality care which attract thousands of patients every year from both Italy and abroad. Many of these patients receive effective therapy to resolve medical conditions that are rare or difficult to treat elsewhere.

Given the group’s familiarity with the healthcare industry, access to operational resources, a leading medical research platform and highly experienced executive leadership, the group is uniquely positioned to assist with the development of efficient healthcare systems both nationally and internationally in addition to stabilising strategic healthcare assets for regional development and beyond.

Increasing the sustainability of healthcare provision in emerging markets is a priority to GSD and GKSD assists the group to bring added value through such initiatives as enhanced in-situ hospital management and training/rotation programmes held in conjunction with GSD structures in Italy. 

GKSD also helps to extend access to state-of-the-art medical services by sharing its experience in handling the complex demands that are critical for large healthcare providers. Further critical support comes from education, research and diagnostics across every spectrum of care.

GKSD will help the GSD brand grow and expand globally through strategic development initiatives that establish a presence and raise the profile of the group through technical exchanges and medical training programmes as well as research and development. In 2019 GSD reported revenues of c. €1.7bn.

The Largest Private Italian Hospital Group

GSD is at the forefront of scientific research and treatment with 16 general hospitals, 37 clinics, 3 research hospitals (IRCCS) in Milan and Lombardy and has improved the quality of healthcare delivered to 5.4 Million patients per year.

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