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Jun 2021


Apr 2023

IC Beato Matteo

The Istituto Clinico Beato Matteo, located in a strategic position (circa 35 km from Milan, Pavia, and Novara) is a fundamental reference point for the city of Vigevano and throughout the neighboring area. The Institute stands out for its high specialization in oncology, surgery, including bariatric, orthopedic and urology, in addition to purely outpatient activities including ophthalmology and radiology. The yard consists of several buildings built in different times. The most recent bodies are identified as body "A" (emergency room, operating block, gyms, post-operative intensive care and sterilization) and "D2" (radiotherapy bunker) and already comply with the most recent regulatory requirements and will be subject to restructuring light. Older buildings have technical / sanitary characteristics that are not always aligned with the most recent regional and national regulations, therefore requiring adaptation interventions.

The main interventions that concern the Istituto Clinico Beato Matteo and which GKSDedile is current

- Construction of a new pavilion
- Demolition of discontinued pavilions
- Renovation of existing pavilions to be maintained

The works are expected to start in June 2021 and will end in the Q1 2023.