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Dec 2020

Energy-related activities

GKSD ESCo is an Energy Service Company that designs and implements energy efficiency interventions and renewable energy plants and offers professional services in the field of energy management and energy consulting. GKSD ESCo is the energy services company of the Gruppo San Donato, the first private hospital group in Italy and among the first in Europe, for which it provides Energy Management services for all its 56 hospitals and clinics, managing and guaranteeing the overall annual supply of energy electricity, gas and heat from district heating for over 48,000 TOE.

GKSD ESCo manages, as General Contractor or Consultant, energy efficiency and production from renewable sources interventions, ensuring their proper functioning and obtaining the expected results also through EPC contracts.

The main interventions concern:

- Co / Trigeneration plants
- Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
- Thermal / cooling energy production plants
- Energy monitoring systems
- Charging columns for electric cars

Currently, GKSD ESCo is involved with several GSD structures in their energy-related projects. In particular, for the new Galeazzi Hospital, GKSD ESCo provides support also in the context of the LEED certification and of all the supplies of energy carriers.