Via Lamarmora Urban Redevelopment
and Museum Conversion in Milan



The project

Responding to a request to regenerate a decommissioned real estate compendium in the heart of Milan that formerly housed healthcare facilities, GKSD has created a project that will seamlessly weave a new Art Gallery and Museum into the scheme of the existing urban fabric. Developed over 4,000 m2 the project will not increase the urban load of the real estate complex neither in form nor function, as it will preserve the historical elements of the original buildings whilst retaining the status of ‘public service’ granted by the Milan Municipality when it was a healthcare facility. The project envisages, among other things, the conservation of the façade facing to its historical value, while the buildings which are not visible from the street and are of no historical significance will be reconstructed to house the Art Gallery and Museum.

The new cultural space

In the push to further redevelop the area, the GKSD Engineering refurbishment will offer the community an opportunity to enjoy a new museum space with a permanent collection of works by artists of the Lombard and Italian schools from the 16th century to the 20th century owned by the San Donato Group Foundation and the Rotelli family. The new cultural space, in addition to housing a permanent collection, will also promote social integration and the dissemination of knowledge, as well as sharing our cultural heritage. In addition, temporary exhibitions will allow the general public to enjoy works normally kept in the private collections of the great Lombard families.