San Raffaele Teaching Hospital Expansion



The ambitious expansion and development project

The ambitious expansion and development project of San Raffaele Research Hospital has been undertaken by GKSD Engineering and is set to strengthen its position of the leading European Research Hospitals. Central to this endeavour is the construction of cutting-edge buildings that completely re-shape the Hospital campus and are dedicated to private inpatient and outpatient treatments, together with the upgrade of Research and University facilities.

These state-of-the-art buildings will be equipped with the latest medical technologies, providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients seeking specialised care.


With a keen focus on research-driven healthcare solutions, San Raffaele Hospital aims not only to provide top-tier medical services but also to foster innovation and collaboration among our researchers and healthcare professionals, ultimately driving advancements in patient care. However, our vision extends beyond healthcare. We are determined to create a holistic healthcare ecosystem that offers a wide array of services to our community. This means promoting an environment of health and wellness education, preventive care and community engagement.

We believe that our expanded Institute will serve as a benchmark of health, knowledge and care, ensuring the well-being of our patients for generations to come.