Morcote Residential Clinic Redevelopment



Morcote Residential Clinic Redevelopment

GKSD Engineering and GSD will transform the former Hotel Carina in Morcote Switzerland into a residential clinic offering smart clinic services. The smart clinic concept is a revolutionary outpatient clinical concept designed by GKSD/ GSD that permits medical treatment to leave the confines of the hospital and reach patients in a simpler and “smarter” approach treatment while catering to prevention needs. The building complex in Morcote has been unused for many years, however, with this new project GKSD/GSD will make available expertise in the field of smart clinics available through a specialist outpatient clinic and brings the excellence of GSD’s qualified medical operators together with innovative, cutting-edge treatments to the community of this renowned location in the Canton of Ticino and beyond.

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Using the healthcare model proposed at the GSD “Palazzo della Salute” in Milan, the healthcare component is flanked by the wellness-aesthetic component, creating a more holistic solution to healthcare. The health services are guaranteed by the best GSD professionals and the use of Telemedicine will allow users of the “Residential Clinic” to benefit from further medical consultations thanks to the complete integration of the structure within the San Donato Group network. The project will include selected real estate units intended as residences and will be strictly connected to the healthcare and rehabilitation activities for long and short-term stays. Special design features will include green areas to aid the rehabilitation process and an indoor restaurant as well as a restaurant area located by the lake.