Design Vision



The Project

Our projects are dedicated to forward-thinking clients looking for harmony between nature, engineering and architecture. In particular, our medical structures take inspiration from the basic function of a hospital – that is to say, to care for people and to protect life. All of our hospitals are characterised by natural sunlight in both the internal and external spaces.

Features such as wide canopies are designed to host a high number of PV panels that provide a heterogeneous shelter for the levels below. Nature thrives and grows in the buildings to create an oasis and outward a buffer zone that welcomes the visitor. A quiet and healing location that is rich in vegetation is climatically controlled. The space has two main areas where all of the functions of the hospital are located and are distributed longitudinally across the lot.

All levels are connected to create a perpendicular flow through a transparent walkway that runs through the middle of the building. An additional space on the west side hosts the Outpatient Department. Project designs are often layered over five levels that are interconnected vertically with lifts and stairs facing the internal courtyard, which enhances the sense of transparency in the public areas.

The Design

The façades of our Middle Eastern hospitals take inspiration from the traditional Arabic architecture and use light in different ways depending on the internal functions. The frontage of the hospital is created by a continuous series of small semi spheres that produce a gradient pattern that filters the light necessary and provides privacy for users. The design is generated using the principles of prefabrication while all of the construction elements can be pre-assembled off-site and quickly installed.