The Italian Citadel


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Citadel Project

In the heart of the city, GKSD and Bizzi & Partners are delighted to introduce the development of a contemporary lifestyle habitat that encapsulates premium Italian design. Three magnificent towers stand tall, glowing above the city’s burgeoning hospitality district.The development exemplifies quality of living and offers upscale residences and experiences within the heart of the city, which also counts hotels, restaurants and shopping precincts.
Visitors and residents alike can enjoy access to a modern shopping haven replete with premium shopping experiences, showcasing top Italian and other international brands. In addition, the development encompasses modern workspaces, including GKSD’s corporate headquarters, characterised by its unique Italian elegance and design. Recognising modern healthcare as a fundamental right for every citizen, you will also find state-of-the-art healthcare clinic facilities that provide residents and visitors with the opportunity to gain access to quality care. 

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